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1999年、消費をテーマにした『Tokyo Recycle Project®︎』を発表、国内外の美術館などで高い評価を得る。



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Online Boutique

1992年 ブランド『BELISSIMA』設立

​1994年 ブランド『20471120』設立


1997年 パリコレクション参加

1998年 毎日ファッション大賞新人賞受賞

    東アジア競技大会 衣装総合プロデュース

1999年 アートプロジェクト『Tokyo Recycle Project®︎』スタート

2000年 村上隆『SUPER FLAT展』他様々なアート展に参加

2006年 リサイクルクローズライン『RECYCOUTURE』スタート

2008年 ブランド『zechia』設立

​    MISIAアジアツアー衣装総合デザイン

Started her first label at the age of 24, and opened wholly owned boutique in Osaka and Tokyo.

Launched a label "20471120" on the concept of "Mode, Character, and Art", with a design partner Masahiro Nakagawa in 1994.

Held collections in both Tokyo and Paris, and those collaborated with an amusement park or circus, also the designs inspired by famous animation were in the news and attracted big fans.

​Received the New Face Prize in Mainichi Fashion Grand Prize sponsored by the Mainichi National Daily Newspaper in 1998.

Also produced costumes for the opening ceremony of the East Asian Games.

In 1999, started an project "Tokyo Recycle Project®︎" under the theme of consuming and highly praised by art museums both at home and abroad.

Launched a new label "zechia" in 2008, designed costumes for the asia tour of a singer, MISIA.

Keeps ​creating collections with free mind and unconventional idea.

1992 Launched a label "BELISSIMA"

​1994 Launched a label "20471120"

   Held collections for Tokyo Fashion Week

1997 Held collections in Paris

1998 Received the New Face Prize in Mainichi Fashion Grand Prize

   Produced costumes for the opening ceremony of the East Asian Games

1999 Started an art project "Tokyo Recycle Project®︎"

2000 Joined an exhibition "SUPERFLAT" produced by Takashi Murakami and other art exhibitions

2006 Launched recycled clothes line "RECYCOUTURE"

2008 Launched "zechia"

​   Produced costumes for a singer MISIA's first asian tour

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